Indulgent Pâtisserie, welcome to Bam Bam Vegan.

 An ethos of ethically sourced ingredients, eco-friendly practices, and Vegan baked goods and treats made without compromising great flavour or taste. We’re on a mission to inevitably fuel the baking industry and introduce our customers to delightful, indulgent products.

 Who Are We?

Bam Bam Vegan journey started as a party of two; Kerina and Joshua saw an opportunity, a gap in the market for vegan treats, that would satisfy their taste buds. So we decided to take it on ourselves. We were setting out to recreate favourite household sweets, treats and bakes - all vegan - without compromising taste.

 Our Bakery

A classically trained French Pâtissier, our chef Joshua enlightened his talents in Brittany, France. Following his dreams as a Pastry Chef, at 18, he moved to Paris to further educate himself in the world capital for great food.

 He was always destined for more; he travelled around France, Australia, and the UK, educating himself on new techniques, learning various heritage dishes, and adapting each dish into a custom creation.

 While Joshua adds his talents and flare into the culinary world, Kerina takes over the day to day operations, discovering fun and unique ways to share our baked goods. Her wealth of knowledge in buying and communications gives her a keen eye for sourcing only the best-sourced ingredients for our bakery.

 Our Values + Mission

It’s our ambition to carry out business ethically and follow an eco-friendly and sustainable approach. Only pure, whole-based ingredients make it into our products; as a promise to our customers, we don’t use eggs, dairy, gelatine or chemical compounds in any of our products for an all-around, guilt-free experience.

 Plant-based cooking isn't a walk in the park; we’re primed with our knowledge of understanding flavours and spark interest to re-create delicious, indulgent treats. At Bam Bam Vegan, we’re mindful of food’s pathway between its origin to your plate, only using whole, natural ingredients.

 Following mindful practices, right down to the packaging. We always keep in mind the future of our planet and the responsibilities as a business to do the next right thing. Always understanding more about how we can adapt and grow, all our packaging is compostable or recyclable.